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AFK Organization Committee

Sean Warwick

Founder, Coordinator

Sean is a design concentration graduate of the SIAT program. He is a designer at heart with a working understanding of numerous programming languages. This blend of skills allows him to fit easily into a variety of project roles. During his time at SIAT, Sean discovered a deep passion for game design and development. This passion led him to transition from student to teacher as a teaching assistant for the “Foundations of Game Development” course. Feeling that the SIAT program should become more involved in the Vancouver gaming industry, he created the AFK Game Development Symposium.

Henry Lo

Co-Founder, Event Planning

Henry is a Interactive Systems concentration graduate of the SIAT program. He is a unique blend of a programmer and designer with a deep understanding of the UI/UX aspects of human-computer interaction. He participated in the Summer 2013 iamagamer gamejam, as well as the Microsoft hackathon in Spring 2014. He is currently employed as a research assistant in the SIAT office research lab, and as a SIAT game development ambassador for a media arts high school outreach workshop.

Andrey Goncharov

Event Planning

Andrey Goncharov is a 3rd year Interactive Arts student at Simon Fraser University, concentrating in Interactive Systems and Media Arts. Andrey’s deep passion for video games allows him to take pleasure in designing/programming games, creating prototypes and helping out others with their games. Andrey believes in a future where video games become a teaching/learning tool for the masses as the focus shifts from receiving entertainment to receiving something practical. Andrey has taken 4 courses in game design and more that contribute to the programming or asset creation of games, and will continue to thirst for more knowledge in the realm of games media.