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April 28th, 2016
@SFU Goldcorp Centre For The Arts
149W Hastings St


Deadline for submissions: March 28th

The AFK (Away From Keyboard) game development symposium is an event designed to provide passionate SIAT undergraduate game design students with a chance to showcase their work to an industry audience. Students are encouraged to submit their game development projects. Of these submissions the four strongest teams will be selected to present their work for feedback from a panel of five Vancouver games industry judges, as well as an audience of attendees. Attendees are also invited to the post-event mixer for a chance to network with Vancouver game industry officials and jump start their careers. We are very happy to be returning for a second year after receiving overwhelming support in 2015. Last year we were proud to host over 100 amazing game development students and industry members. We plan to be back bigger and better than ever and would you for you to join us.

In addition to student projects the symposium will also feature a talk from an established member of the Vancouver game development community. This talk will focus on the transition between student and professional game developer, as well as how we can continue to strengthen the connection between education and industry. Free registration is required to ensure an accurate attendee headcount. To register simply visit our Eventbrite page using the 'RSVP' link located in the website header.





16:30 - 17:00


Djavad M. World Art Centre

17:00 - 17:15

Welcome and Introductions

Djavad M. Cinema

17:15 - 17:30

Johnny Is Presentation

Djavad M. Cinema

17:30 - 17:45

Ill Will Presentation

Djavad M. Cinema

17:45 - 18:00

Intermission Break

Djavad M. World Art Centre

18:00 - 18:20

Industry Panel Discussion

Djavad M. Cinema

18:20 - 18:35

Havoc Gear Presentation

Djavad M. Cinema

18:35 - 18:50

Mauerfall Presentation

Djavad M. Cinema

18:50 - 19:00

Closing Remarks

Djavad M. Cinema

19:00 - 21:00


Djavad M. World Art Centre



Dave Fracchia

Dave Fracchia is currently a Professor of Professional Practice at the Centre for Digital Media as well as a digital media consultant. Prior to this he was the Studio Head and Vice President of Technology at Radical Entertainment, Vice President of Technology at Mainframe Entertainment (now Rainmaker), Associate Professor in the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University, and Postdoctoral Associate / Lecturer in the Mathematics and Computer Science Departments at Yale University. Dave has authored over 50 journal and conference papers, and has over 35 credits in video games (such as Prototype and Destiny), direct-to-video movies (such as Stuart Little and Barbie), and television series (such as ReBoot and Spider-Man).

Colin Cove

Colin Cove is currently working as a Technical Interface Designer at Electronic Arts developing mobile and console FIFA experiences. After receiving two diplomas in Fine Arts from Grande Prairie Regional College he had moved to Vancouver to complete his Bachelors of Arts in Interactive Systems from Simon Fraser University's SIAT program. During this time Colin worked as an engineer developing HUD display technology at Recon Instruments followed by mobile entertainment at Loud Crow Interactive. Outside of work and academics he designs video game titles alongside audio artists, writers, and visual artists who are passionate about the creation of interactive media.

Alijah Ladd

Alijah Ladd is currently working as a Lead Game Designer at BANDAI NAMCO Studios Vancouver, located next to the Centre for Digital Media. Prior to this, he worked as a Lead Game Designer at IUGO Mobile Entertainment, helping to make a portfolio of award-winning, top-grossing mobile titles for publisher GREE International. Alijah earned his diploma from Vancouver Film School’s Game Design and Development program in 2010, and has specialized in the mobile sector since. Outside of work, Alijah is an active member of Vancouver’s FGC (Fighting Game Community). He has experience with and passion for mentoring up-and-coming game developers.

Daniel Nascimento

Daniel Nascimento is an independent game developer currently working on Rocket Fist, a local multiplayer dodgeball arena game, set to release in May 2016 for XBox One, Playstation 4, Wii U and Steam. Prior to this, he worked as a Technical Artist at Amnia Interactive, developing a VR title handling rigging, animation, optimization and in some cases prototyping. With a bachelors in Advertisement, Daniel moved to Vancouver to study 3D Animation & Visual Effects at the Vancouver Film School, later pursuing a masters degree at the Centre for Digital Media.

Chris Cleroux

Chris has been designing games since he was only 26 years old, but jumped full time into games in 2000. A vet of many console, PC and mobile titles, he currently directs creative and production efforts on one of the game teams at Roadhouse Interactive in Vancouver. Chris has had the pleasure of working on such IP as FIFA, Super Mario, Transformers, MechWarrior and Warhammer 40k. He currently spends his free time sharing his love of game design and production at VFS as a mentor for Game Design students and with the rapidly growing Vancouver Twitch community.


Johnny Is

Created by: Sean Shin, Alex Park, Gabsung Lim

"Johnny Is" is a point-and-click stealth game about a clone escaping from a cloning facility. Players must navigate through tight spaces without getting caught. Robots, drones and turrets are all out to kill the clone, and the only way to escape is to sneak away. As players progress through the game, they will learn more about the world inside this game.

Ill Will

Created by: Sebastien Bernier-Wong, Sean Shin, Leo Ma, Gloria Zhong, Carol Ho

ILL WILL is a 2D action-puzzler game taking place within the human body. In ILL WILL, you play as an ambitious bacteria cell on a mission to conquer its human host. Each section of the body is its own puzzle which you’ll have to navigate carefully past in order to avoid the immune system’s numerous defences. Quirky visuals and whimsical sound design will immerse you in this rarely-explored game environment. By shedding traditional game models of protecting the world and playing justice, ILL WILL immerses players while infecting our host, one body system at a time.

Havoc Gear

Created by: Kevin Lamprecht, Andy Shin, Thomas Edmunds, Darren Macphail

Havoc Gear is a 2D top down shooter, where the player controls the Havoc Gear; a futuristic mech with no weapons of its own, but equipped with the patented “Photon Whip” that lets the player steal enemy weapons. Every enemy is strong and weak to different weapons, so the player must plan strategically about what weapons they steal and what enemies they use them on. This encourages fast paced gameplay and quick thinking by the player. The player can modify their own Havoc Gear as they see fit, by collecting Feridium ore to spend on upgrades.


Created by: Clint Walsh, Hark Chhina, Melissa Wang, Carlo Misajon

Mauerfall is a top down stealth created by 4 people in 2.5 months. This fully 3D game uses a low-poly and low-color aesthetic. You play a young girl who must avoid guards and plan her way through the city to make it past the Berlin Wall in under 2 in-game days.